Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

When you’re a pet owner, you get to know and love your pet as if they are a member of the family, but like other members of the family they can become ill, or experience pain. As a member of the family, you hate to see them suffer, so you would probably seek to find them solutions to whatever issues may be plaguing your hairy friends.
Some pet owners have become wary of the medications that doctors prescribe for various disorders and illnesses, so some have asked if using CBD oil is safe for dogs, and according to experts, the answer is yes, so in the next few paragraphs you can find out what it can do for them.

Treats Seizures

If you’ve ever seen your beloved dog having a seizure, then there’s no doubt that those were some of the worst moments you can remember about being near your pet. The feeling of helplessness can be traumatizing, but the good news is that you can use CBD to treat your dog’s seizures. In clinical trials on animals, it was discovered that the animals that had CBD doses were less likely to have seizures. They also found that the seizures that have been described as resistant to treatment also saw a lower number of occurrences.

Helps with Bowel Health

CBD is still being studied heavily, but in the meantime what we do know is that CBD contains the right agents that help the body combat disease through the limiting of inflammation, one of the key processes that can aggravate tissues in organs and make it more difficult for them to perform properly. CBD also has some antibiotic properties that can help defend their body from outside invasive organisms. When your dog can engage in proper elimination, they will be healthy and happier.

Stress Reduction

A lot of times people forget that even though your dog’s brain is shaped differently than the human brain, they experienced many of the same emotional states that humans can. Animals can feel angry, joyful, fearful, and anxious. If your dog has seen a lot of changes to the environment around their living space, or there are dynamics taking place in the home that they are sensing, your dog could be dealing with a level of stress that is uncomfortable for them. CBD has been found to reduce stress. Studies have
shown that animals who are given CBD shows less stress behaviors than animals who were not.