Tips for Cooking With Hemp Oil

Since the innovations in the uses for cannabis and hemp oils have become a loaded topic over the last decade or so, many people have questions regarding the differences between these two health influencing substances. Some people may have an aversion to one or the other based on the name or the sound of the name due to the lack of knowledge about these marvelous oils. The purpose of this article is to explain the differences and give you a small amount of info about both.

From the Same Family

Hemp oil and cannabis oil come from plants that are in the same family, but there are some pretty big differences. Hemp that is used for the purpose of making rope, cloth, paper and other items is referred to as industrial hemp. These plants can be grown in close proximity to each other, and are relatively low maintenance because they can withstand wide temperature ranges. The cannabis plant is far less resilient because it requires a natural or manufactured tropical environment. The next section will give you an idea of which oil might be right for you.

Types of Oil

Hemp Oil - This is made from the same hemp that is grown for industrial use.
Industrial hemp is high in CBD, but lacks any sort of psychoactive properties due to its extremely low THC content. CBD is legal in many areas and has been found to be very effective in treating illnesses, particularly in the case of childhood seizures. As more research is completed, it’s likely to become clearer that there will be a future for CBD products and their amazing benefits for skin, and other ailments. Hemp oil is also rich in important nutrients.