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We have two programs:

  • Web affiliate is 20%
  • Power-Affiliate is 30% of the first sale for each new customer you sign up, plus 5% commission for there second sale.

In this rapidly growing, niche market. If you are already writing about hemp and/or CBD, this is a great opportunity to turn that knowledge and great content into profit.

The Power-Affiliate is great if you run a club or have a good contact list of potential buyers.

How it Works

  1. Sign up as an affiliate.
  2. Once we approve your affiliate status, we’ll send you a welcome email with links to the Affiliate Dashboard and Catalog.
  3. Generate a custom, pretty URL that you can use to hyperlink text and images, or add re-directs.
  4. Download graphics from our banner library, or create your own.
  5. Set up links, banners, CTAs, etc. on your website to bring people to our homepage or a specific page. In your affiliate dashboard, you can generate links to any of our pages.
  6. Make commissions.


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